Friday, February 28, 2014

Reflection Post

This week, my teacher has asked us to do a reflection about how our project has been going. The two questions he posed to our class were what do you like the most and the least about your project? And what would you do differently?

I guess I will start with what I like the least. For me, I think that my project is not really creative and innovative. It's just a normal project that is raising money. This anyone could do and therefore doesn't make my project stand out very much. Other people are doing amazing things like painting a mural or running a marathon, and I am doing just a very boring project. I have been trying to do a lot with my project but it's hard when you are a fifteen year old girl in high school to organize events and convince people that you're serious about this fundraising. And I know what you are going to say: if you believe you can achieve. Yes I am perfectly aware of that. I wanted to organize a hockey camp, and I did. However I wish there would have been greater participation, and maybe next year there will be. 

Now to fully address the issue above of why my project is so adequately exciting we should visit why I chose the idea that I did. I chose this project of a mission trip because I love to travel. I thought maybe just going somewhere wouldn't be enough for a legitimate project. So I incorporated charity into it. But it wouldn't be enough just to go on the trip, I would have to rise money for the charity. I'm glad I changed my project from the first crazy idea I had. Now that I realize how hard it is for one person to raise money I see that my first project idea would have been impossible. 

So in conclusion to the first question, the thing I like the least about my project is how unexceptional and unextraordinary it actually is. If I could change that this late in the year I would. I would probably change it to something much deeper or more interesting that just raising money in different ways. 

For the next question now, what do I like most about my project? This one is easier that the first question. I would have to say that there are so many ways to go about doing my project and go about raising money for charity. I can go in so many different directions. That is what I like most. I am not limited to just one thing. I can do anything I please to reach my goal of raising money. 

Also I like that I can affect many peoples lives in many different ways. By the money I'm raising the people in Haiti will be that much closer to achieving their goal and with the hockey clinic I put on I can affect the young girls in my community by helping them improve in the sport that I love and they love. To be able to say that is one amazing thing.

If I could do anything differently I would proabably choose to go on the mission trip during one of my breaks this year so that I can report about it in my presentation at the end of the year. 

Until next week.


  1. You had an opportunity to inspire young girls to keep pursuing hockey. You helped them do something they love. Good deeds in the world are often viewed as "unexceptional" or "unextraordinary", but they are the ones that matter the most. I am very proud of what you have accomplished so far. Do not sell yourself short.